Omeka (all projects), Director (as of August 2017),
Omeka, (all projects) Associate Director (2015-17)omeka-sticker1
Omeka (all projects),Quality Assurance & Outreach Lead, 2007-2014, Project Manager, Administrator, End User Support Lead, 2009-2015
Funder: Institute of Museum and Library Services, National Leadership Grant (2007-2010);,

Omeka Commons: Preserving and Sharing Our Dispersed Digital Commonwealth, Project Manager, 2010-2013; Funder: Institute of Museum and Library Services, National Leadership Grant

Omeka S: A Network Vision for the Scholarly Communications Ecosystem; Co-Primary Investigator, 2012-2014; Funder: Andrew J. Mellon Foundation

Omeka Everywhere: Creating an in-gallery solution for Omeka users, collaboration with Ideum and University of Connecticut; Consultant, 2014-2017; Funder: Institute of Museum and Library Services

Homepage of OmekaCo-authored all Omeka-related grant proposals, including the first grant that built an open-source software platform allowing cultural heritage institutions to design sophisticated, collections-driven, and standards-based websites. As the Project Manager, I shaped decisions determining the intellectual rationale built into the software, including evaluating metadata schema and data output formats, while also working closely with software developers to design and improve the user interface. As Outreach Lead, I have coordinated all outreach efforts for Omeka, which has resulted in over 100,000 core software downloads, and hundreds of new Omeka websites built by libraries, archives, museums, scholars, and enthusiasts. I have written over 100 pages of end-user documentation that is used regularly; led dozens of workshops and panel discussions on using Omeka; and introduced Omeka to potential users through numerous consultations. Since introducing a hosted version of Omeka, I have coordinated the implementation and design of all elements of, its end user support, and documentation. currently supports over 17,000 users working on over 11,000 websites.

Building upon Omeka’s success, we applied for and received funding to create a prototype to aggregate collections from any Omeka website into the Omeka Commons. As Project Manager, I worked with the Omeka team to shape the structure, features, and design of the Commons.

Based on needs of libraries and universities to enable networks of scholarly communications, we received funding from the Mellon Foundation to create a multi-site version of Omeka (known as Omeka S). As Co-PI, I shaped foundational decisions for redesigning the core software to make it usable and interoperable with a variety of digital assets management and content management systems.

As Director of Omeka, I lead the software team in developing, designing, and maintaining the Omeka family of products, while serving the needs of the international Omeka community.