Museum Computer Network Experimental Proceedings

Co-Investigator, 2012-13: Museum Computer Network Proceedings, experimental digital conference proceedings created for the Museum Computer Network.
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MCNIn an effort to test the power, and ease, of aggregating conference materials posted on the open web to create new forms of conference proceedings, I worked with Dr. Joan Troyano, Director of the PressForward project at RRCHNM ( to experiment with creating different digital conference proceedings for the Museum Computer Network Conference in 2012. I chose that professional community, because conference participants already regularly shared their conference presentation notes, slides, and recorded talks online, so we could easily draw from that material. Additionally, this community supports digital experimentation across their professional lives. Troyano and I created two frameworks for publishing proceedings and then built prototypes using the WordPress platform together with assistance from the PressForward team. We shared our methods in a public document and formally presented on this process at the conference in 2013. Through framing intellectual rationales for publishing in different formats, we discovered technological holes in existing digital tools that then informed development of specific aspects of the PressForward WordPress plugin. Importantly, we also successfully demonstrated how a museum, library, archive can build and broaden their audiences by bringing together their enthusiast communities with experts at their institutions through one, open access, publication.